San Luis Obispo’s Farmer’s Market

I’m assuming most of you have been to a farmer’s market near you. Downtown San Luis Obispo in California hosts farmer’s market and I will share with you why it’s worth visiting.

Affordable Eats at Las Vegas NV

Whether it’s your first time visiting Las Vegas or you’re a regular, you will find these places worth trying if you haven’t. I mentioned that my husband and I lived in Las Vegas, NV for six years before moving back to California. With those six years, we have found numerous food spot to eat at that is affordable and delicious. That’s why with our six years living in Las Vegas came with some generous weight gain (especially me!)

Allegiant Air Review

First and foremost this post is not sponsored by Allegiant Air. I personally have traveled on Allegiant air in the past and would love to share my experience. On my previous posts, I mentioned living in Las Vegas, NV for six years. With those six years, I traveled back and forth from Las Vegas to California. Most especially in 2010 the year my husband and I got married. 

My Very First Travel Vlog

Hi Friends! On this post, I will be sharing a YouTube video of my very first travel vlog. I’ve been thinking about YouTube for some time and finally have the courage to upload. Hope you enjoy this short clip and don’t forget to subscribe for more.

Tuscany Hotel and Suites Las Vegas Review

Last week my family and I visited Las Vegas, NV for the first time. It’s been two years since we U-Hauled our two-bed apartment back to Califonia. We lived in Las Vegas for six years and the city that never sleeps grew a big part of me. With that said driving to Las Vegas felt emotional and nostalgic. Every stop and gas station meant something which delivered mix emotions (at least for me.)

2017 Blogging Recap: What I Learned from Blogging

Hi Friends! It’s been a long time since I posted anything on my blog. A lot has happened to me and it happened so quickly. Many of you know that I had a surgery in October 2017. It was a sudden surgery that it took me a while to get my life together. Hence, the reason I did not post any fashion blog or any post at all. I’m touch by the people who continue to support me through this time of my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the reason I want to keep on blogging.

How to Style a Graphic Tee

Simple Tee and Denim Shorts

How to Style Salmon Colored Dress

Celebrated My Birthday at Universal Studios Hollywood