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Daily Archives: June 28, 2016

Beach Vibe

Weather forecast reports 84 degrees today! My husband and I decided to bring our little tot to the beach for some little fun in the sun. I dressed him up ready to dive in the cold Pacific ocean mixed with the hot summer weather.

We arrived and there’s NO SUN! It was foggy and humid. So we end up walking the pier instead and enjoyed the salty scent and sticky air. My son was not happy. I tried to put on his sunglasses and not even a minute wearing it, I turn around to find him licking his glasses ?. Other days I would consider it a failed family time attempt, but to my surprise I was content.

Then we ate lunch at a barbecue place close by.. My six month old can’t wait to get a hold of our food. I have not given him solids, but he was ready to EAT! My husband suggested to let him try to lick on some french fries see if he likes it. So I held a fry to his mouth and watch him taste. He LOVED it. He wanted more and when the flavor was gone he would frown and ask for more of the stuff with flavor!!

A Walk in The Park Romper

Romper: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Vans | Watch: Diesel | Lips: YSL

Hi Friends! Here I am wearing a simple romper dress from Urban Outfitters. It took me a while to jump the bandwagon with rompers. For me it was a lot of work going to the bathroom! Ha ha.. I love drinking water and tea and you know the consequences of that.

When I saw this romper I loved the print and I know I had to buy it. It took a while before I wore it. It probably stayed in my closet hanger for three to four months. I mean I almost forgot I even have it. Waste right? It’s not me to purchase something and not use at all. Unless, it does not fit me then there’s really nothing I can do about it. (insert emoji laughing with tears) So I decided to wear it and I don’t know why I avoided this style for so long. I understand why people are buying and wearing them all the time. Rompers are sweaters in Spring and Summer. It’s that comfortable that I can wear this everyday!

Keeping an eye open for romper bargain deals and buy in bulk!

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