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Simply Street Chic is my online fashion diary. Here I want to share some of my outfit ideas that can inspire anyone. I love different styles and to me there is no specific outfit that does not fit anyone. If it makes me feel happy, content and beautiful then I succeeded. I chose Simply Street Chic, because I want to put on whatever style I want. I can go from rugged Monday to dressy Tuesday. Skies the limit as they say. That’s the beauty of fashion, you and I can be whatever we want and someone will appreciate it. I hope to inspire many women around the world with this blog. Come join me with my fashion journey as I create, make mistakes, and inspire.

My name is Kamille Garcia also known as Simply Street Chic. I am a wife married for five years and counting. My son just turned one and I am exclusively breastfeeding and loving it. I am a stay home mom and a college student studying to be a computer engineer. I love fashion and make up. I started my blog, because I wanted to work from home and watch my son full time. I admire a lot of bloggers and I always thought of having one even before I became a mother. I was always shy about it and did not have to courage to follow through. I’m also an introvert by nature and I know being a fashion blogger I will be expose to many people and I was not sure if I am ready to put myself out there like that. Then, I became a mom and one day I thought to myself I will bite the bullet and go with it. I will publish a fashion blog. To my surprise I love it and I enjoy it. It is work, but work with passion and love is magical. I am blessed to have a husband who is willing to take some time away from his busy schedule and take my wonderful photos. Guys and girls I am the most stiff model you will ever meet and surprisingly he can find my angle! Thank goodness for talent right? I hope you enjoy my blog and join me with my journey.




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