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Effective Teeth Whitening at Home!

Who doesn’t want white teeth? No one I know! That’s for sure. My teeth have always been my obsession. Even as a child, I wanted crooked teeth so I can have braces. Then my wish was granted and crooked teeth I got. Though it wasn’t until nineteen when I received my braces. Cost me eight teeth to have straight cosmetic teeth. I wore my braces for three whole years. Which I did not regret one bit because the results were amazing.

Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi line

Hourglass Foundation Stick Amazing for Dry Skin

Why You Should Invest in Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Teami Tea Safe for Nursing Mamas

I started drinking Teami Tea less than 30 days ago and I already drop a pant size. I went from size 8 down to a 6!!

Boscia: Charcoal Mask for Smoother Skin


Welcome back Friends! Here’s another beauty review Thursday. I am excited to review this charcoal mask for smoother skin by Boscia.

7 Different Shade of Personality

Hi Friends! I am back for a beauty review. Today, I will be reviewing seven different shade of lipsticks and how it affects my personality.

Favorite Perfume for Spring and Summer

Hi Friends! Today I will be reviewing my favorite perfume for Spring and Summer. Al though I personally would use these all year round. I am putting them up for you to try and see if you love them too.

5 Reasons I Love CeraVe and Why You Would Love it Too!

I want to start by saying this is not an ad. I’ve been using CeraVe for four years and I love it. I was introduced to CeraVe by my sister-in-law who suffered adult acne and her dermatologist at the time suggested to use CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer. Which she did and saw improvements with her skin. She told me to give it a try and I did.