My Life: Struggles of an Introvert


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Mimi Ikonn’s YouTube video on self acceptance has inspired me to share a snippet of my story. Growing up, I was unaware that I was an introvert. Everyday was a struggle for me. School was always overwhelming to a point I made up excuses to miss school. I would fake being sick to avoid attending school. It’s suffocating being in a room filled with troublesome (at least in my opinion) kids.

Not until I read Susan Cain’s book Quiet about introverted individuals, that I truly understood why I felt that way. Being shy was second nature to me and it takes a lot of courage for me to talk to anyone. It’s funny my first job was working for an in-store bank and I had to sell sell sell. Imagine the horror of walking down the isle of the supermarket to approach potential customer, only to be turned down (it was a nightmare).

Now, I work as a fashion and beauty blogger, photographing outfits in public and posing in front of a camera. You may ask, how do you do it when your an introvert? It honestly takes a lot on me to gather the courage. My son is my motivation and I fight my fears every week to get the job done. As an introvert, it’s not easy to put myself out there and accept criticism as part of my job. I overcome it by using criticism as fertilizer to grow and harvest my goals.

My fears from childhood did not go away for lessen. I just learn how to deal with my struggles and see the positive side of it. It’s easier said than done, believe me I know. My message is, no matter what demons you are facing within yourself do not let it hinder you from doing what you want. If I keep living as a shy girl, then I wouldn’t have a fashion blog that I truly enjoy doing. I love sharing with you.  Your feedbacks are so important to me. It helps me thrive and grow as a blogger and as a person. Blogging is a whole new world and I am beyond ecstatic that I’m now part of it with you.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Connect with me through Instagram: Simplystreetchic Twitter: Smplystreetchic or comment down below. I love reading your feedback and connecting with you.

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